The Seed (sneak preview)

So I’ve taken some time off, let’s say I took a “mental health vacation”. In that time I wrote quite a few songs, but only found one decent enough for a little sneak preview. This is the prechorus of my newest song “The Seed”. I’m not sure it’ll make it on to anything I do in the future, but that’s because I haven’t put much thought into the idea of an album, but more so toward live show settings. 

You can follow me on my instagram for some more previews of my work, or tune in to my soundcloud to get the real deal

- Stoneface

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1 note

we’ll take it all and leave you in the weeds. A table, set for thieves. We take it all, and then we leave.


experimenting with some harmonies and layers

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I think so,

   So today I decided I needed something to keep up and be active with. Since I have been challenging myself to cartoons and poetry, I thought about using this tumblr as an outlet, but alas, I do not enjoy working with the fact that they can basically creative copyright any of my efforts. SO every once in a while, maybe once a week, I’ll post some poetry. Maybe a cartoon, but those are so nerve-racking to show anyone.

   I did decide that I will bring back a video cover once a week, most likely weekends, and I am going to attempt to maintain a Soundcloud with a daily riff. However, in order to do that, I had to move all my spoken word to my Mindless Mumbles Bandcamp, which also houses all my old, old, embarrassing music. Honestly, it’s fine, you can see that as long as you check out my really super awesome new Brief Encounters/Mushy Matters Soundcloud.

   Hey, while we’re talking about music, you should see if you missed a video on my YouTube Channel. I’m in the process of learning a little dollop of knowledge to spread across as a banner/intro video, but I’m so scatterbrained. I just want everything to be nice and cohesive (looking).

    I am also majorly looking to collaborate with anyone and everyone on anything!

   In case that is too much for you to keep in mind, you can always check back here or even follow me on Twitter! Ask me nicely for my Instagram! Seriously I appreciate your eyes even glancing this page.

I figure I’ll never finish this project

A while back, before “Part Time” was a part of the three part series, “On How To Break Your Own Heart”, I started recording little Brief Encounter-spoken word sessions for them. They were never released and I never even showed the person who inspired them. So here it is. Brief Encounters of the Dearly Beloved: Part Time

experimenting with some harmonies and layers